The Burn, the location of the annual Kant Reading Party

The St Andrews Reading Party is an annual academic retreat at The Burn House (Scotland) aimed at bringing together scholars of various backgrounds and career stages to discuss and compare the works of Immanuel Kant and another prominent philosopher.

Our aim at the Reading Party is to engage with the difficult works of the two philosophers, to illuminate their complex relation to one another, and thereby to gain new and deeper insights into some of the important issues of our time.

The Kant Reading Party involves a combination of (A) ca. six discussion sessions on specific topics related to the theme of the event, which are facilitated by pre-circulated readings, and (B) ca. four paper sessions, which give graduate students and early career researches a chance to present work relevant to the theme of the event. While the opportunity to present in the paper sessions is reserved to graduate students, the responsibility for chairing the discussion sessions is usually taken up by faculty members. Also, for those who are interested, we organise a half-day hike in the Scottish Highlands.

Participants of the Kant Reading Party 2018

The Kant Reading Party at The Burn provides a great opportunity for philosophers to engage in a fruitful exchange of ideas, in what is a truly unique setting. It usually attracts ca. 25 participants. From this number, ca. 16 are postgraduate students and ca. 10 scholars, ranging from early career to full professors.

Participants are likely to be based at universities around the world. In previous years, the Kant Reading Party was attended by scholars based in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sweden.

The list of past Reading Parties:

2008  Kant Reading Party, organiser: Ruth Boeker (St Andrews)

2009   Kant and Reid Reading Party, organiser: Ruth Boeker (St Andrews)

2010  Kant and Mill Reading Party, organiser: Chris Macleod (St Andrews)

2011  Kant and Aristotle Reading Party, organiser: Martin Sticker (St Andrews)

2012   Kant and Rousseau Reading Party, organiser: Martin Sticker (St Andrews)

2013   Kant and Smith Reading Party, organisers: Leonard Randall and Martin Sticker (both St Andrews)

2014  Kant and Hobbes Reading Party, organisers: Martin Brecher (Bonn), Leonard Randall and Pärttyli Rinne (both St Andrews)

2015 Kant and Plato Reading Party, organiser: Pärttyli Rinne (St Andrews)

2016 Kant and the Stoics Reading Party, organisers: Stefano Lo Re and Pärttyli Rinne (both St Andrews)

2017 Kant and Sidgwick Reading Party, organisers: Lucas Sierra Velez and Stefano Lo Re (both St Andrews)

2018 Kant and Rawls Reading Party, organisers: Janis Schaab (St Andrews) and Kate Moran (Brandeis)

We are committed to continuing this tradition and looking forward seeing you at the next edition of the event!